Renters Warehouse


These are the first five minutes of our half-hour Renters Warehouse infomercial. We incorporated a green-screen studio shoot and digital backgrounds, high-end, off-site interview shoots and heavy-duty graphics work to bring it all together.

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Michael Wilson has a history of taking big ideas and personal stories and turning them into compelling work. He knows how to make a big splash within budget using technology to move things forward. Now that he's unleashed Odd Lamps Productions on the world, I'm excited to see how they will transform how political communication is done. - Matt Kibbe, President & CEO, FreedomWorks

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Lately, we've noticed a trend toward optimism in the marketing world. There's a sense of "the-underdog-can-do-it"  in ads like Maserati's Super Bowl commercial and an energetic American patriotism coming from GM's Cadillac.  As in the early 80s, there seems to be a spirit stirring in people, and marketing is beginning to speak to that...