Taking The Senate With FreedomWorks

Posted by Odd Lamps - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct 10

It's been a crazy month six weeks here at OLP. In August, we entered into an exclusive engagement with FreedomWorks For America to handle their Take The Senate campaign. Since then, we've cranked out almost 40 ads for US Senate races in 8 states, criss-crossed Ohio, and have consumed about 42,459 gallons of coffee. Special thanks to Keurig for keeping us awake!

This engagement is the biggest yet for our small company, and it has been an honor to be involved in such an important election campaign with the best grassroots organization out there. When the dust settles in November, we will have created over 70 web and broadcast ads, with over 50 million impressions. It's good stuff, and we're proud of the work we're doing. So far, our favorite spot is "Senator Space Cadet" an animation featuring that wacky Senator from Florida, Bill Nelson. People seem to dig it. 

Special thanks to our staff and contractors who have made this engagement as bump-free as possible, especially Tom McGovern, who has the job of digging through hundreds of hours of footage to find those gems we incorporate into our work. More soon, but for now, here's Senator Space Cadet...



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