What We're About

Odd Lamps Productions was founded to change the way marketing is done. After a successful theatrical run and laudatory reviews of his first documentary film, founder and CEO Michael Wilson set out to apply the ideals involved in storytelling to one of his other passions... brand development.

Odd Lamps’ secret to success is engaging people on an emotional level... pulling them into the story of your company, products and services in a way that touches their hearts, but speaks to their brains. Effective branding isn’t about what you want people to believe about you, but what they really believe about you. It’s about taking the beautiful, profound or innovative things about you and packaging them in a meaningful way.

We also work under the philosophy that we don’t have all the answers or expertise. While we think we’re pretty clever, we know that there are other folks out there who can do cool stuff that we can’t. So we partner with several other small companies and pull in their expertise when it’s appropriate, to ensure that your project is as robust as possible and is delivered with the highest level of quality.

Finally, we spend enough time with our clients and their products or services that we genuinely care about the results. We want to blow your socks off, and make you so proud of our work that you never think about going anywhere else.