First and foremost, Odd Lamps Productions began as a film production company. Sometimes they're big (our founder Michael Wilson was the writer/producer/director of the successful documentary "Michael Moore Hates America) and sometimes they're small. But every ad we create, every short film, every web video comes from the heart of established, successful filmmakers. Film is our legacy and we incorporate cinematic ideals into everything we do.


Odd Lamps is always playing in TV Land. From broadcast commercials and infomercials to television programming and development, our staff and affiliated contractors have extensive experience producing everything from iconic commercials to hit TV shows.

Web Video

It's simple. The web is the new content delivery system. Everyone wants a "viral video" and while those are rare, we've had more than our fair share. On the web, there are about 18 and a half kazillion videos for people to see, but content is king, and we know how to cut through the clutter. Whether it's a small video with a small budget or you want stunt men and explosions, we produce web video that matters to people, that they share, and that gets attention.


While visual media are what we're known for, we'll let you in on a little secret... A bunch of those radio spots you hear every day in your car on the way to work? Yeah, we made those. Our audio production staff are second-to-none, and we like to think of ourselves as "Old-Timey-Cutting-Edge" when it comes to radio. We look to the past for inspiration (the radio dramas of the 30s and 40s are some of our favorites), but bring it into the future with powerful messaging and cutting edge technology that allows us to deliver some of the best audio content out there.

Social Media

Yeah, yeah, yeah... You've got Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business, organization or candidate. But leveraging social networking is less about having an online presence, and more about using those and other tools in a coordinated campaign that gets to your target audiences and hits them where they live. It's about always being available and solving problems in a transparent way (which, by the way, if done right will do more to grow your reputation than all the paid advertising in the world). We do that stuff. Really well. All the time.